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Scholarship Winners

Each year, the FMA awards music scholarships to enable middle and high school students to pursue music education beyond their in-school experience. Students in grades 5 through 11 must audition and write an essay. The scholarships may be used at an approved summer music camp or for private music lessons. Thanks to the generosity of the many sponsors and donors, the FMA was able to award $4000 to twenty-seven students.

Junior Division Scholarship Winners 2012
In the junior division, Cindy Lu (violin, grade 5) was awarded first place. Second place went to Robert Silver (bass, grade 7), third place to Emma Pugatch (violin, grade 7), fourth place to Terrence Maloney (violin, grade 7), and fifth place to Juliana Nader (cello, grade 8). Those receiving honorable mention were Brenden Johnson (trumpet, grade 8), Srikari Tummla (violin, grade 7), Kendall Milender (piano, grade 5), Hongyu Lin (piano, grade 8), Samantha Melo (flute, grade 5), Kelly Fisher (flute, grade 7), Emma Bridges (bassoon, grade 6), Jennifer Kenney (viola, grade 5), Jaclyn Andersen (alto saxophone, grade 6), Caitlin Brightman (voice, grade 6), Meagan Savage (viola, grade 6), Lindsey Nelson (violin, grade 5), Shannon Harding (violin, grade 5), Kaitlyn Kenney (viola, grade 6), Alessia Keane (flute, grade 7), Caroline Brown (violin, grade 5), Erin Van Dell (violin, grade 8), Sophie Udden (viola, grade 6), Jessica Hoyt (voice, grade 7), and Persia Cruz (violin, grade 5).

Scholarship Winners Senior Division 2012

In the senior division, first place was awarded to Julia Nicholson (violin, grade 10). Second place went to Varun Nanbikrishnan (piano, grade 9), third place to Meghan Fitton (voice, grade 10), fourth place to Nick Adair (percussion, grade 10), and fifth place to Crissy Cavallaro (tenor saxophone, grade 11). Honorable mentions were given to Amanda Coscia (voice, grade 11), Harrison Thrasher (tube, grade 11), Colleen McHugh (violin, grade 10), John Mitchell (trombone, grade 11), Lauren Field (voice, grade 11), Gus Herlihy (trombone, grade 9), and Courtney McCue (viola, grade 11).

The FMA extends its warmest congratulations to these young musicians.



fundraisersSponsorship Drive

Thanks to all of our generous contributors, we surpassed our goal of $10,000! Your support helps us fund the FMA Scholarships discussed above, as well as provide funding for master classes with world-class professionals and commission new musical works.

If you haven't had a chance to show your support for the music program in Foxboro, you can send your check to Foxboro Music Association, PO Box 746, Foxboro, MA, 02035.












Our Business Sponsors

We are grateful to the following businesses for their generous support of the Foxboro Music Association and music in our schools. If you would like to join this important group of local businesses, please contact us at info@foxmusica.org.

You can also pledge online or by filling out the sponsorship form and mailing it to Foxboro Music Association, PO Box 746, Foxboro, MA 02035.

Barrows Insurance
William E. Lenkaitis, DDS
Beacon Appraisal Consultants
Rose Lincoln Photography
Done by Duncan Home Improvements
The Lovely Agency
Foxboro Jaycees South Street Pizzeria
King's Wood Montessori Speech and Voice Therapy Center, LLC
Lane Refrigeration Attorney James Thrasher, PC

Arts in the Area

Please send information about local music and arts happenings to info@foxmusica.org.



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Upcoming Events

May 22
7th Grade Band and Chorus, 6:30 p.m., AMS

May 24
FHS Chamber Music Concert, 7:00 p.m., FHS

May 25
FMA Potluck Supper, 6:30 p.m., FHS Cafeteria

May 28
Memorial Day Parade

June 6
5th Grade Band, Chorus, Orchestra Concert, 6:30 p.m., AMS

June 9
Foxboro Founder's Day

June 11
FMA Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Band room, FHS

June 14
Jaycee's Concert on the Common, featuring FHS Jazz Ensemble


Please check our calendar for other important dates, as well as the Foxborough Public Schools central calendar and the Foxborough Public Schools Music Department website for the most up-to-date information.

See below for other area events.


About the FMA

The Foxboro Music Association is an independent non-profit organization that supports the music groups and activities in the Foxboro Schools and promotes music in the community. Most of our members are parents of music students, but we welcome anyone who is interested in supporting our mission.

We invite you to read more about us and get involved in any way you are able or choose. Sponsorship forms for families and businesses are also available.



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